So, who am I?

Hello, I’m on a journey. I leave my footprints here. Thank you for walking with me.


My name is Jana Moon. I’m a human being. I think that’s the most important and simplest thing to say about myself. Being human is much deeper than doing things, if one is indeed being. I also have some letters behind my name that allow me to spend time in the healing arts practicing CranioSacral Therapy. I live on a farm where we keep bees and chickens and enjoy the richness of nature and simpler living. Some of my time is spent exploring creative arts. I love language, imagery and writing, sewing with linen, herbs, Bach flower remedies and I plan to hand dye fabrics using plants. Naturally sensitive to the beauty, nature, and emotion, my interests and work have nurtured this sensitivity. Feeling this process of living and gathering experiences fuels a longing to express my reflections on the page.
It’s been a long journey from the first budding desires to put words on paper to this attempt to do so.

I hope to leave a gentle and passionate trail behind me.

I live with a sweet prince named Simon, 

IMG_6932 2

and kind and courageous Beekeeper Viking Husband named Eric.


And the memory of a kitty-king named Arthur, 

King Arthur

and a movie star named Ophelia.



4 Responses to So, who am I?

  1. Mr. Z says:

    I’m looking forward to hearing from you more!


  2. mark says:

    I will be checking in on your ramblings as well. 🙂


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