Walking in Snow

 Down soft white blanket
 covering the land
 sends me walking 
 late afternoon in
 frigid temps not seen
 in almost a hundred years.

 fwoosh fwoosh fwoosh 

 Stillness breaths me
 expands my ribs
 enlivens the bones of my soul
 and dampened sound
 relaxes my mind.

 fwoosh fwoosh fwoosh 

 Nothing left to sense 
 but chittering sharp bird calls
 soft dove coos and
 geese honking at a distance.

 fwoosh fwoosh fwoosh 

 Water trinkles a gentle song 
 echoing in the creek 
 its melody for lyric avians.

 fwoosh fwoosh fwoosh 

 Crisp drops of air
 silently mark the time.

 fwoosh fwoosh fwoosh 


About Jana Faye Moon

Hi there, My name is Jana Moon. I am a healer by trade, training and nature. This makes me a sensitive to the joy and pain in the people and places I encounter. And I am a writer by formal education. I've been gathering in experiences and have been longing to express my reflections on the page. It's been a long journey from the first budding desires to put words on paper to this attempt to do so. I wonder where it will take me . . . I have a website for my healing arts practice: www.MoonHealingArts.com.
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2 Responses to Walking in Snow

  1. rahim quazi says:

    Oh Jana, so lovely what you translated from your walk ❤️



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