Bath After Illness

Laid to rest

my body floats.

Awareness arises between cells whose actions seem suspended.

There’s a finger;

oh, and a palm.

Yes, they are attached.

Too difficult to travel the arm.

Let go of details.

This body once strong has lost its power.

Floating as a warrior awaiting fiery arrows that will turn the vessel to ash,

release my soul.

Peacefully I relinquish.

Faint memories of a warrior’s body flow into another dream.


About Jana Faye Moon

Hi there, My name is Jana Moon. I am a healer by trade, training and nature. This makes me a sensitive to the joy and pain in the people and places I encounter. And I am a writer by formal education. I've been gathering in experiences and have been longing to express my reflections on the page. It's been a long journey from the first budding desires to put words on paper to this attempt to do so. I wonder where it will take me . . . I have a website for my healing arts practice:
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2 Responses to Bath After Illness

  1. Melissa says:

    A beautiful way to describe reconnecting with your body after it begins to heal from an illness.


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