What does this writer’s madness look like?

Death. Not the peace of passing to another realm and discovering truth, but the still, cold absence of everything. Awareness without a body, without senses, bereft of  an identifiable self. Deep loss and no emotions with which to feel it; just knowing that loss is there and feeling is not. There is no connection to anything that provides a framework for self-identification. A conscious vacuum. This chasm I free fall into each time I leap toward the unwordable awareness of deep existence as one and as all.

Then I grapple for paper, pen and words.


About Jana Faye Moon

Hi there, My name is Jana Moon. I am a healer by trade, training and nature. This makes me a sensitive to the joy and pain in the people and places I encounter. And I am a writer by formal education. I've been gathering in experiences and have been longing to express my reflections on the page. It's been a long journey from the first budding desires to put words on paper to this attempt to do so. I wonder where it will take me . . . I have a website for my healing arts practice: www.MoonHealingArts.com.
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6 Responses to What does this writer’s madness look like?

  1. Rahim Quazi says:

    Unwordable , love it.

    Sent from space


    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks. I hope it conveyed the slight difference I was looking for: a circumstance for which words do not exist, rather than a circumstance for which words may exist but fail to come to mind, thus making it indescribable for me.


  2. Dylan Edwins says:

    This is such a beautiful description of being lost with one’s artform.

    What is awareness without a body? What does it mean to be aware?


  3. That’s true! 🙂


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