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What does this writer’s madness look like?

Death. Not the peace of passing to another realm and discovering truth, but the still, cold absence of everything. Awareness without a body, without senses, bereft of  an identifiable self. Deep loss and no emotions with which to feel it; … Continue reading

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Advice for Life and Love

Just keep your wits about you and sail your ship. Swab the deck when it’s time to swab the deck. Hoist a pint when the sails are down. But pay attention to the course and don’t get all googly watching … Continue reading

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The Hidden Spot

I chased my heart out of my chest and into the woods. I hid her in the shadows of old growth trees, beneath brambles enough to entangle rabbits. I sat with my heart amid the leaves and vines, holding her … Continue reading

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You swim through my soul silently pulling me to a place so still I forget that you are you and I am me.

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Laughing Leaves

Sit with me while the leaves fall like laughter on our bodies and our souls grow strong like the trees.

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a little asleep

If we need an other to learn self love, the awakened will need no one. I will stay just a little asleep, to convince you I need your kisses on my skin.

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