Walking in Snow

 Down soft white blanket
 covering the land
 sends me walking 
 late afternoon in
 frigid temps not seen
 in almost a hundred years.

 fwoosh fwoosh fwoosh 

 Stillness breaths me
 expands my ribs
 enlivens the bones of my soul
 and dampened sound
 relaxes my mind.

 fwoosh fwoosh fwoosh 

 Nothing left to sense 
 but chittering sharp bird calls
 soft dove coos and
 geese honking at a distance.

 fwoosh fwoosh fwoosh 

 Water trinkles a gentle song 
 echoing in the creek 
 its melody for lyric avians.

 fwoosh fwoosh fwoosh 

 Crisp drops of air
 silently mark the time.

 fwoosh fwoosh fwoosh 

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Puzzle Poem #2

Yes, these related words appeared in the puzzle from blind draws, none put back. All used.


Late day sun dances

leaves to music from the breeze.

Mend and sew another hole,

wax another scuff on leather thin as paper.

Putter ’round the barn,

rake straw leavings down absent any goal.

Down the lane it’s all the same

an empty afternoon.

A pair appear, Dam and foal

trotting ‘long the dappled way.

Sorrel bright as fire

shine like honey drops of light.

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Puzzle Poem #1

Oh my this is going to be fun! From my morning solitairy letter tile crossword I shall produce a poem. It will be fun to see what they become; meaningful or amusing. They shall be in any case.

Today’s puzzle:

Scratch, Scavenge, & Scrabble Puzzle #1

That jitter of youth vies for position,

in the verdant dale,

in tents cast along the vein of gold.

Time jets across the earth and eyes

unable to hold the gaze

sense telomeres wear

to frazzled end.

Bright pavilions turn loden.

In this valley of Spring,

quo the oxen tires.

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Bath After Illness

Laid to rest

my body floats.

Awareness arises between cells whose actions seem suspended.

There’s a finger;

oh, and a palm.

Yes, they are attached.

Too difficult to travel the arm.

Let go of details.

This body once strong has lost its power.

Floating as a warrior awaiting fiery arrows that will turn the vessel to ash,

release my soul.

Peacefully I relinquish.

Faint memories of a warrior’s body flow into another dream.

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Winter Solstice

Today is Winter Solstice. It’s the shortest day of the year and thus, the longest night. Light some candles. Curl up inside. Breathe deeply and let the winter in. Winter has within it the magic of stillness. A natural time of year to reflect and sit with your inner world. Let it reveal itself to you. Go to sleep with the awareness and let it hibernate for a while. Dream a bit. Spring is for the flowering. Winter is for rest before the renewal.
Happy Solstice.

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Ringing Trees

You are old

You have lived and let go allowing deadwood to fall away

as you sprout in fresh new directions

You shade the place I lie

looking up at your grandfather branches

your baby leaves

and all the lives ringing in your limbs

Winds have bent you

Storms broken you

but you live on

strong from swaying

Rooted firm and sure

you shelter and teach me

I your child your student

adore and admire you

Grandfather Tree

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Past arms, into soul,

Spirit beside our bed stirs

flight beyond body.


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Haiku on a Cold Day

Snow falling softly

Out the window a bird calls

Come to me my love


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What does this writer’s madness look like?

Death. Not the peace of passing to another realm and discovering truth, but the still, cold absence of everything. Awareness without a body, without senses, bereft of  an identifiable self. Deep loss and no emotions with which to feel it; just knowing that loss is there and feeling is not. There is no connection to anything that provides a framework for self-identification. A conscious vacuum. This chasm I free fall into each time I leap toward the unwordable awareness of deep existence as one and as all.

Then I grapple for paper, pen and words.

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Advice for Life and Love

Just keep your wits about you and sail your ship. Swab the deck when it’s time to swab the deck. Hoist a pint when the sails are down. But pay attention to the course and don’t get all googly watching the sunset and run into a glacier.

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